Google announces reopening of Map Maker in August with ‘regional leads’

Washington, July 15: Google has decided that it is reopening the map editing tool in August.

Google consequently shuttered the tool, saying it was taking Map Maker down until it had its ‘moderation system back in action.’

According to The Verge, Pavithra Kanakarajan, Google Map Maker product manager said in a blog post that Google will be looking to the users to moderate the service and help fill the gaps that Google cannot police itself.

Also, Google will appoint community users in some areas as ‘Regional Leads’. These people will oversee any edits within their region with occasional input from Google staff.

Google’s operators will still occasionally moderate maps but the bulk of the work will be left up to the community moderators and the automated system.

Map Maker will begin released back out to users in phases, beginning in August. (ANI)