Good news for NRIs, TS govt. to set up centres for migrants

Hyderabad: With the incidents of gullible people being cheated by brokers abroad on the rise, two separate bodies Centre will soon be set up by the Telangana government to take up various welfare measures for migrants from the state.

In a major relief to Non-Resident Telanganites, state government has made provisions to set up two bodies Non-Resident Telanganites’ Affairs (CENTA) and District Non-Resident Telanganites’ Affairs (D-CENTA) at state and district-level respectively, in the draft NRI policy, which is expected to be introduced during the budget session in the assembly.

CENTA will be headed by minister NRIs welfare and supported by a chief executive officer, while D-CENTAs will be headed by district collectors.

CENTA and D-CENTA will serve as thinktanks to work out medium to long-term strategies for promoting overseas employment opportunities for people from Telangana.
Besides studying, monitoring and analyzing trends in international markets and suggest strategies to send workers to other countries, the two bodies will also provide rehabilitation to migrants returning home through various schemes.

The district centres will play an important role in disseminating awareness on emigration matters and also maintain a database from the respective districts.

For skilled and semi-skilled workers from Telangana in Gulf and South-East Asian countries a separate group, `Blue Collar Migrants’, will be set up to look after their needs. The other NRI groups include professionals, entrepreneurs and investors and student communities.