Good news for Hyderabad as Japan to recruit 2 lakh techies

HYDERABAD: Good news came at a point when job opportunities for Indian IT professionals decrease in the US and European nations as Japan will open up its doors to recruit around 2 lakh techies from the country.

Executive Vice President at Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), Shigeki Maeda, said at an event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)in Hyderabad.

“Currently there are around 9,20,000 IT professionals in the country and there is an immediate demand for more than 2,00,000 IT professionals from India which is likely to further swell to 8,00,000 professionals by 2030,” Maeda said.

Maeda addressing the press conference said that the Japanese government is looking for collaboration with companies specifically from Hyderabad.

“Japan has a shortage (of people) and resources in IT companies and it will be a big help for us. In our country, Hyderabad is not as popular as Bengaluru, but the former has centres established by big (US) companies here. It is a Mecca of the IT industry. We are looking at collaboration with Japanese companies as well,” Mr Maeda was quoted on The New Indian Express.

Executive Vice President further also added that Japanese government will be issuing Green Cards for highly skilled professionals,especially in life sciences, finance, services and agriculture.

“The Japanese government will be issuing Green Cards for highly skilled professionals. The first of its kind in the world as people could get permanent resident status in as short a time as one year. This is one of the fastest granted rights of residence in the world,” he added.