How good is Chilli for your stomach? Be careful

New Delhi: The change in weather and Delhi’s street food famous for being spicy, Delhiites need to be careful with the amount of spicy food they are consuming cause the chilli can hurt you in ways you have never imagined.

An incident has been reported where a second-year student Garv Gupta of Delhi University was hospitalized for puking blood after winning a food competition.

Garv won the eating competition after consuming spicy burger’s at a restaurant in West Delhi, he also got a free meal too.

But this victory turned out to be a nightmare after Garv puked blood the very next day.

On consulting a doctor he was told the chilli in the burgers he ate was the culprit. Later, endoscopy revealed that Garv’s stomach’s lining was ruptured and the area is to be surgically removed, reported the sources.