Goldie Hawn’s special bond with Kate Hudson

Los Angeles: Veteran Hollywood star Goldie Hawn says she and daughter Kate Hudson share a strong bond.

The 71-year-old actress says she and her 38-year-old daughter are like buddies, reported People magazine.

“A mother-daughter bond is very different. When I had Wyatt — my third, Kurt’s and mine — (Kate) came to the hospital. She was seven, and she came up to me: ‘Mommy, I’m so happy I’m your only girl. ‘I said, ‘I’m so happy too, honey.’

“As we grow older together, I can’t express the amount of love, joy, laughter, sadness we share. She understands me, I understand her. We’re girls. We share everything. She’s, like, the greatest,” Hawn says.

The actress says she is also extremely close to her sons Oliver Hudson, 40 – whose father is Bill Hudson – and Wyatt Russell, 30, with her partner Kurt Russell.

“My boys were amazing. And they were so loving and so kind. And Katie, we call each other and we can cry together. We know what that’s like. My sons do, too — but they’re boys. So we can cry on each other’s shoulders and laugh in each other’s faces. We have all of that,” she adds.