Gold worth Rs. 1.34 crore, cash Rs. 3.6 lakh seized at Hyderabad Airport

Hyderabad: Officials of the Dept. of Revenue Intelligence arrested three persons and seized gold worth Rs. 1.34 crore and cash Rs. 3.6 lakh at Hyderabad Airport.

According to the report of the incident, an employee was handing over a parcel to two persons standing outside the airport. The revenue officials suspected the employee and opened the parcel. They found gold biscuits weighing 4.194 kg. The gold is worth Rs. 1.34 crore. The parcel also contained Indian currency worth Rs. 3.6 lakh. All the three persons were arrested.

It has been observed that despite strict checking, the smugglers are successful in continuing their unlawful activities in connivance with the airport employees.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]