Gold seized in twin checks at city airport

Kolkata: Airport security personnel recovered gold bars and gold biscuits during separate frisking of passengers from different in-bound flights at the N S C B International airport here since last midnight.

An airport official said five gold biscuits, collectively weighing 583.500 gm and valued at Rs 17,97,180 lakh were seized by Air Intelligence Unit officers from a passenger who arrived by Qatar airlines flight no QR 540 from Doha last night.

In a separate seizure, gold bars were confiscated from two passengers of a Bangkok-Kolkata Spicejet flight this morning, the official said.

The two passengers were carrying 487.800 gm of gold valued at Rs. 15,02,424 and Rs 457.400 gm of the yellow metal valued at Rs. 14,08,792.

The three passengers were taken into police custody and interrogated.