Golconda’s diamond studded specs may fetch Rs. 25 cr through auction

Hyderabad: After the world fame Kohinoor, many diamonds came to fore which were sourced from Golconda.

Recently two pairs of spectacles made of diamonds and emeralds were displayed for auction. One of the spectacles has their lenses made of diamonds. The other pair has two magnificent emeralds of 200 carat.

Both these pairs of ‘spectacles’, studded with diamonds and emeralds are going to get auctioned soon. They are expected to fetch $3.5 million. The famous auction house Sotheby shall undertake their auction.

These two spectacles are the world’s costliest so far. They are made during the Mughal era in India. One of these spectacles has diamond encrusted in it which is said to be from the world fame Golconda diamond mine.

According to Edward Gibbs of Sotheby, these spectacles have the craftsmanship of the Mughal period.

Edward Gibbs said that it was a custom during the Mughal era that whenever any rare and costly diamond was found it used to be taken to the Mughal court and the Mughal rulers were using such diamonds as per their wish and desire. “Both these spectacles are 17th century Mughal Era’s beyond any doubt,” Gibbs said.