Going for a vacation with your pet? Here are 8 places where you can stay

Washington: Hotels across globe are transforming themselves and becoming pet-friendly so as to adapt to the new world.

For those of you with pets who can’t decide whether to go for a vacation and leave them behind or to not go for a holiday at all, there are hotels across the world which not only offer you a relaxing stay, but extend the hospitality to your furry friends as well, reported CNN.

According to Kimpton Hotels, that has franchises all over the globe, if your pet can fit through the door, they are welcome to stay. Pets ranging from dogs, which are the most popular, to llamas, goats and baby pigs are all welcome in the hotel. They even have a canine Director of Pet Relations, a resident dog who welcomes the humans as well as the pets.

The Fairmont San Francisco is one of the most prestigious hotels of the area and known for their luxurious stays for humans. Now, they have started residencies for pets too. However, people with pets have to inform the hotel staff in advance and pay a fee of 75 dollars to accommodate their pet in the luxury establishment.

NIZUC Hotel and Spa in Mexico welcomes cats and dogs that weigh up to 10 pounds and provide free beds, bowls and water. They offer a range of activities for humans as well as the pets and makes sure that neither of you get bored.

Eden Roc Cap Cana, Dominican Republic provides a VIP (Very Important Paws) service for the canine companions of humans. Services range from various types of bedding classifications like we humans have along with different types of suites or rooms.

Coworth Park, UK is the only hotel in England that lets owners bring their own horses and provides them with a very luxurious stay with a lot of activities for both man and his steed.

The Hoxton in Amsterdam has launched a new website for dogs and in the language of dogs by the name of Hox Hounds. They offer a multitude of services to the four-legged guests and provide a dog-friendly Mutt Manual, just like the hotel’s guide for humans.

Hawley House Tasmania has had guests that have included dogs, ferrets, rabbits, horses, cats and even chickens. At this hotel all pets are welcome to join in on the fun. They provide a couple of activities for the humans and their pets to enjoy together too.

Belmond Reid’s Palace Madeira treats pets as VIPs and has constructed a puppy palace to make them feel like royalty. They introduced a new concept of behavioural classes if your pet misbehaves or gets into any mischief.