GoI should tell Pak we want peace, terrorism won’t be tolerated: Farooq Abdullah

Rajouri (J-K), Aug 5 : Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday said that since Pakistan is “definitely” involved in the terror attacks, the Government of India should warn them that this will not be “tolerated.”

“This militancy had ended but it started again. There are many elements that are doing this. I will not blame any of the governments, but our neighbour is definitely involved in the terror attacks. The ruling party of India is taking some action against it so that this can stop. They should warn our neighbour that we can’t take it anymore,” Abdullah told the media here.

“On one side, we talk about having discussions and on the other side, the terrorism continues. The talks will not help in reaching to any conclusion. I want to tell the Government of India that they should tell the neighbour that we want to live with them peacefully, but we will not tolerate this anymore. They should say that we are appealing that you should stop this or else you’ll have to face the consequences because civilians are getting killed. The soldiers are there to protect us and Jammu and Kashmir’s population, not for terrorism or attacking Pakistan,” he added.

“We will hold track 2, track 3 and NSA meetings, what results will come out? I don’t get it, if Pakistan’s army is looking after the border from there and India’s army from here, where do these terrorists come from? How do they come? India should start worrying about this soon,” Abdullah asked.

The Government of India is likely to raise the issue of the recent revelations made by former Pakistan Director General Tariq Khosa that Pakistan was behind the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks have put pressure on the Modi Government to take strong action, during Indo-Pakistan NSA level talks.

According to reports, Tariq Khosa has said “Pakistan has to deal with the Mumbai mayhem, planned and launched from its soil” in one of his articles.

Khosa’s revelations have put pressure on the Modi Government to take strong action. (ANI)