Goat pays price for grazing in judge’s garden

Korea (Chhattisgarh): In a bizarre incident, a goat was detained for grazing in a judge’s house in Chhattisgarh’s Korea district.

The incident followed the earlier warnings given to the goat owner.

Along with the owner, the animal has been booked under charges which carry a two to seven year prison term and a fine.

The police arrested the goat and its owner Abdul Hasan, around 350 km from state capital Raipur.

The police said that the goat had committed this offence repeatedly.

“The judge’s bungalow has an iron gate and the goat used to jump over it and enter,” said Assistant Sub-Inspector R. Srivastava.

“The peon, who maintains the garden, had warned the owner of the goat many times. So, today he filed a complaint and we arrested the goat and its owner. A case has been registered under Sections 447 and 427,” he added.

Recalling the series of events, the owner of the goat said that his animal was taken to the police station after she entered the premises of the judge’s house.

“She had grazed flowers and vegetables from the garden. They brought me to the police station today and told me to take the goat,” Hasan told ANI.

The goat, accused of being a ‘repeat offender’, was released later on bail, but its owner was not so lucky.

Hasan was sent to jail on charges of trespass and damaging property, the police said.