Goa plans to introduce two-wheeler ambulance from July

Panaji: The Goa Health department is planning to introduce two-wheeler ambulances from July onwards to deal with casualties in the tourism belt across the state.

According to Health Minister Vishwajit Rane, para-medics will ride these two-wheeler medical ambulances which can reach the accident or casualty spot within record time.

All equipment required to stabilise the patient would be mounted on these vehicles, Rane told PTI after reviewing the working of ‘108’ ambulance services in the state recently.

Rane said such an ambulance service is already in place in Karnataka and Goa would be the second state to do so.

“Twenty two-wheeler ambulances would be procured in July and would be pressed into services immediately,” he said.

“Facilities like oxygen cylinder, injections which are required to stabilise the patient would be mounted on these two-wheelers,” Rane further said.

Besides, 10 new ambulances (four-wheeler) would also be procured and would be fitted with equipment needed to stabilise a person who suffers from a cardiac arrest.

“The cardiology department of Goa Medical College is preparing a protocol required to be followed while treating such patients in these new ambulances,” he said.