Goa BJP calls Congress leader’s remarks ‘WhatsApp crap’

Panaji: A BJP spokesperson on Tuesday likened statements made by state Congress president Girish Chodankar to “WhatsApp crap”, slamming the leader of the opposition party for making baseless allegations against the ruling BJP-led coalition government in Goa.

“The way false messages sent on WhatsApp are deleted, the same way Girish’s remarks are. People attach little value to them. We say crap… WhatsApp crap, this is the situation they are in now,” said BJP spokesman Sidharth Kuncolienkar .

He accused the state Congress president of trying to create panic among people, pointing out to a press conference addressed by Chodankar recently, when the latter had alleged that the Zuari bridge, a major passage over the Zuari river, connecting North and South Goa districts, had developed cracks.

“The state PWD Minister had to clarify that the bridge is fine,” the BJP spokesperson said, adding that even an Indian Institute of Technology-Mumbai official had inspected the bridge and certified its fitness.