Go organic to heal your post-Holi skin

New Delhi : Holi hai! The rain dance, the chilled thandai, the colour-smeared faces, the full moon house parties, the EDM events, the tempting foods, the family obligations, the plethora of colours and the out-of-controlness, everything about Holi sounds fun, except the hard work of scrubbing the colours off your skin and the unavoidable hangover that follows.

These days, Holi is as much a festival of chemicals as it is of colours. Increase in the usage of industrial chemicals in reds, blues, greens, yellows, oranges and pinks has added risk to our life.

Now that you have played Holi and are back at home, time has come to scrub those synthetic gulal, dyes and sprays off your skin, but washing them with another set of chemicals seems so risky.

Since, going organic is quite the trend these days, here’s a go-to solution – hand-crafted skincare line. People are usually particular about organic food and lifestyle, but what they often neglect is what they are slathering on their faces.

According to Anupama Malhotra, founder of Vert, a 100 per cent natural, hand-crafted skincare line, there is a gamut of simple ingredients like sugar, rice flour, neem powder, lemon juice, turmeric and green tea can do wonders for us.

“We have a pre and we have a post skincare for Holi. You have to use oils on the skin before playing. And post that you have to cleanse it nicely. We have cream cleanser, scrubs, face masks and creme to suit you. We also have hair care products,” she added.

On being asked whether or not her products can heal, she said, “Yes, they do. There was one customer who had an ice bite. She had gone to all the dermatologists, but was in stress and pain with peeling skin and red hand. After a week of using our body butter, her trouble was sorted.”

Revealing her belief that what is best for skin should also be best for mother Earth, Anupama claims, “Our products are manufactured in smoke free environment and are 100 percent vegetarian that contains no animal fat. They are not tested on animals. ”

She added, “Our products are made by using only the finest oils, herbs & botanicals which are sourced from across the world, and have long lasting fragrance. No Paraben are used as preservatives.”

Anupama further said that they endeavor to keep their packaging simple, minimal and recyclable to avoid it clogging up dustbins and the environment. All of their packaging material which includes bottles, jars and lids can be easily recycled after you have finished using the products.

Range of products starts from handmade Lip Scrubs & Balms, Soaps, Body wash, Body salts, Body Butter, Body Lotion, Shampoos, Hair Mask, Face Mask, Cleansers, Toners, Oils, Powder, Moisturizers and more.

Taking extra precautions is the key this year, so make sure that you are ready with some serious damage-control remedies.

Happy Holi! (ANI)