Go ‘Back to Roots’ for a rejuvenated you!

New Delhi [India]: To make people realise how food can be our biggest investment for happiness and wellness, a group of Indian chefs will come together at a three-day event next month.

The retreat, ‘Healing Recipes – Back to Roots’, is to be held on July 3-6 at Kairali – The Ayurvedic Healing Village, at Palakkad in Kerala.

Designed through 120 years’ worth of collective experience of the experts at Kairali and some of India’s leading culinary minds, the idea behind ‘Healing Recipes- Back to Roots’ is to create this fascinating platform that brings forth ancient food wisdom and philosophy presented through modern culinary practices.

Speaking at the unveiling of the concept, Chef Manjit Singh Gill said, “Food is the single, most important investment that we make every single day of our lives, and yet modern times has seen food being defined as “junk” and “unhealthy”. A thought I completely disagree with. How can something that heals and nourishes be harmful? Hence, it is imperative that we revisit our approach to food, to ingredients and cooking techniques. ‘Healing Recipes – Back to Roots’, for me, is that one platform that will help you rethink food.”

‘Healing Recipes- Back to Roots’ has been put together under the mentorship of Chef Gill and Ayurveda-expert-author of The Ayurvedic Cookbook and Jt. Managing Director, Kairali Ayurvedic Group, Gita Ramesh.

“It’s extremely important to go back to roots because these days, we see even youngsters are prone to diseases. This is because our food habits are wrong. We are moving away from our traditional way of eating simple, fresh and easily digestible food. It’s time that we impart knowledge to the present and the future generations that you have to eat healthy,” Gita Ramesh told ANI.

This inaugural season will also have chefs such as Mexican expert Chef Vikas Seth, progressive cuisine guru Chef Abhijit Saha and Indian cuisine specialist, Chef Chetan Sethi conducting specially designed classes.

Talking about the need for platforms that advocates sustainability and wellness, Chef Seth said, “‘Healing Recipes- Back to Roots’ is a window into the world of food for chefs and others alike to experience the various culinary trends that have held centre-stage in the past five years: be it Clean Eating, Farm to Table, even foraging for unknown ingredients and practices.”

‘Healing Recipes’ is a three-day event where residents will get to interact with Ayurvedic doctors and chefs, attend specially-curated masterclasses, explore local cuisine, learn the trick of growing vegetables and spice, organically, and master the art of making gourmet meals that are nourishing and indulging. (ANI)