GMR’s Delhi and Hyderabad airports opt HOI app to enhance passenger safety amid COVID surge

New Delhi: Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao’s (GMR) two leading airports in Delhi and Hyderabad leveraged ‘HOI’ a passenger engagement platform on Wednesday to address varied passenger needs and help them navigate their entire travel journey seamlessly.

“Passenger experience is paramount to us, more so at this challenging time. As social distancing norms have become the new normal, we have adopted multiple initiatives to enhance passenger safety at our airports. In HOI, we have a unique platform that helps us to extend the contactless and digital experience to our flyers to enable a safe travel experience for them,” said a GMR Airport spokesperson.

“HOI as a passenger engagement platform plays a pivotal role in GMR run airports digitally enabling a safe, smart, and seamless experience for our passengers,” said a GMR Airport spokesperson,” he added.

According to a press release, in line with the government of India’s Digital India vision, Delhi and Hyderabad airports had partnered with HOI in mid-2020 to adopt contactless food ordering service at the airports.

HOI is available in multiple form factors such as a mobile app for Android and IOS, Web app and Digital Self Order Kiosks at airports. It is a cognitive and intuitive platform that comes with smart airport integration and commerce features.

Top 10,000 products from across 80 popular outlets and brands covering diverse categories such as duty-free, retail, food and beverage, lounges, parking, cabs have been brought under a single platform to facilitate an end-to-end service for passengers. HOI also offers a plethora of valuable features that assist passengers at every stage of their travel. Passengers need to add their upcoming travel details to HOI either manually or get it automatically uploaded by scanning the travel document. Thereafter passengers can track their upcoming flights and get real-time alerts about gate changes, weather forecast at the destination. Further, they can explore and book commute options to and from the airport.

On the day of travel, the application’s intuitive trip recommendation feature helps passengers plan their trip smartly based on various factors such as traffic, time to check-in, time for security (immigration for international travelers), and distance to the boarding gate, truly leveraging the travel companions help.

The first-of-its-kind auto check-in feature at the Hyderabad airport helps automatically check-in passengers using the geo-fencing capability once they reach the airport, allowing them to proceed directly for security screening, thereby saving them a lot of time.