GMR plans to sell Novetel Hotel at Airport – Best opportunity for Wakf Board to claim property rights

Hyderabad: The erstwhile Congress Govt. had allotted Wakf lands through A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation to various companies which includes 2000 acres of Wakf land belonging to Dargah Hazrat Baba Sharfuddin on which Rajiv Gandhi International Airport was constructed. GMR constructed various projects on this land, one of them is Novetel Hotel.


It is understood from the news published that GMR Group has decided to dispose of Novetel Hotel which is expected to fetch a sum of rupees 300-400 crore. This is the right time for the Govt. of Telangana and State Wakf Board to claim property rights since Govt. had allotted this land to GMR Group for specific purpose but deviating from it, this group proposes to sell it. Wakf Board can take immediate action to claim back this Wakf property.



–Siasat News