Global extinctions because of alien species reveals a new study

Washington: It has been noted since the 1500s, alien species are the cause of approximately 126 extinctions in both, animal and plant species.

Out of a total 953 global extinctions, 300 of them went extinct partly due to alien species and out of that 300, 42 per cent or 126 extinctions were solely caused by alien species.

According to the research published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, the data was taken from 2017 IUCN Red List on the total species that have gone extinct globally since 1500.

“Some people have suggested that aliens are no more likely than native species to cause species to disappear in the current global extinction crisis, but our analysis shows that aliens are much more of a problem in this regard,” said lead researcher Professor Tim Blackburn.

Overall, the number of animal extinctions caused in some part by alien species is more than 12 times greater than those caused in part by native species.

The researchers believe that biosecurity is a necessity to prevent further extinctions because of alien species.