Win OnePlus 3T

1 OnePlus3 T for: 0 – 10000 overall enroll

2 OnePlus3 T for: 10000 – 20000 overall enroll

3 OnePlus3 T for: 20000 – 30000 overall enroll

Frequently Asked Questions \\

What are you giving away?

Three OnePlus 3T phones.

How do I enter?

Simple – just follow TheSiasatDaily on Twitter. If you were already following all three accounts before the giveaway went live, don’t worry – you’re already eligible to win.
Comment on this page at the bottom and tell us why you want the OnePlus. Also, additional points to those who comment regularly, We are also looking for moderators to help us with the commenting section.
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Seriously? That’s it?

Seriously. That’s it.

How frequently are you drawing winners?

Three winners will be drawn after 30 days.

Is the giveaway open worldwide?


How are winners selected?


How will you get in touch with winners?

Via Twitter, of course. We’ll hit you up via DM if you’ve won.

How are prizes shipped?

All prizes are shipped via Amazon with tracking. If you win, you’ll receive the tracking number once your prize has been shipped.

If I win, will I have to pay anything to receive the prize (shipping costs, duties, taxes, etc.)?

Of course not. Everything is pre-paid.

If I win, can I use my existing SIM card on the device?

Yep. Every device we’re shipping is fully unlocked and can be used anywhere.

If I win, do I have to do anything once I receive the device?

Tweet out a photo and tag @TheSiasatDaily to verify that you’ve received your prize.

If I send you hundreds of thousands of tweets begging for a device, will it improve my odds of winning?

No. Please stop. We won’t acknowledge or reply to anyone begging to be picked as a winner. Selection is 100% random.