Give twist to your art-inspired jewellery

New Delhi: Give your jewellery collection a twist, invest in pieces inspired by different forms of art including animal motifs, flower motifs, bird motifs, paintings and monuments.

You will find it all in the form of bracelets, cocktail rings, pendants, bangles, nose pins and more, suggest experts.

Ketan Chokshi, Co-owner, Narayan Jewellers, and Akanksha Arora, CEO of Amrapali, have listed what’s in these days:

* Try out designs which are inspired from the Mauryan dynasty. Designs available in the market which envelops coins, stamps, exquisite toran dwars and many other symbols. Emphasis is laid on developing jewellery which is multifunctional by incorporating techniques that enables detachment and attachment of pieces.

* The usual Kundal, polka and jadau pieces are also given the twist of art these days and making elaborate bridal pieces which can be used as separates after the wedding. Some of the common art motifs which are visible in today’s jewellery designs are as follows:

Bird-inspired motifs in earrings and rings are quite a trend. The peacock has always been a symbol of tradition and can also look contemporary. The beautiful colour of peacock is well depicted in cocktail ring and traditional earrings.

Amongst birds, eagles also look every elegant for men. Eagles are known to be a symbol of pride. Beautifully hand crafted eagle shaped men’s brooches will add to the elegance of the wearer.

Be it the intricate work on the walls of Taj Mahal or the grandeur of the Palaces of Vadodara, every monument showcases the art of an era. Beautiful neckpieces, earrings and rings inspired by the art of these grand monuments makes for a royal collection for special occasions.

Nature is full of inspiration, the enigmatic shapes and colours of the natural world have influenced everyone, including jewellery designers. From beautiful leaf shaped earrings, to flower shaped neckpiece, the pieces will continue to shine for you even when the flowers fade away.