‘Give birth to five kids at least’ to keep ‘Hindutva’ intact: BJP leader

‘Give birth to five kids at least’ to keep ‘Hindutva’ intact: BJP leader

BALLIA: BJP lawmaker Surendra Singh known for his disgraceful loose comments, this time stirred up the controversy demanding Hindus to give birth to five kids at least to keep the Hindutva intact.

Just a few days back Singh had told that even Lord Ram would not have been able to put an end to the rising rape incidents, NDTV reported.

To keep Hindutva intact, Hindu couples must have at least five children he said, adding that, giving birth to a child is ‘prasad’ (gift) from God while speaking in an ANI interview.

“It is the desire of every spiritual leader (mahant) for every couple to have a minimum of five children. This way the population will be under control, and Hindutva would remain intact,” he told.

“Hindus should have at least five children. Two for the man, two for the woman and one surplus. Giving birth to a child is ‘prasad’ (gift) from God. India can become strong when Hindus are strong. When Hindu is weak, India is weak…,” Mr Sing added.

He intends that with no major population, Hindu religion will no longer be safe. “Hindus will be a minority, not due to terrorists but due to themselves,” he said.

Well, this is not the first time he said something like this, earlier, the BJP leader had made a bold comment saying “Those who don’t say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ are Pakistanis”.

Few other infamous statements from this leader are “Prostitutes better than government officials”, “PM Narendra Modi is the reincarnation of Lord Ram”, “Mobiles responsible for rapes” among many others.