Girls! This is all you need before going on camping trip

New Delhi [India]: Camping has always been a recreational activity, which lets one sink into the lap of nature, away from all the chaos and commotion.

The activity has recently been picked up exceptionally well in India too as travelers are now giving hotels and resorts a miss in order to explore local and outside experiences. Even though the term camping is pretty synonymous as a male specific activity, it’s all in the past now, because now women are equally great at roughing it up.

Where women today are effortlessly running businesses, managing households, dominating politics, it is no revelation that they seek and love adventure as much as men do.

Moving over kitty parties, a better way to catch up with your friends is now around a campfire, kayaking down a stream or hiking.

But, with great fun comes great problem too. Here’s a long list of issues that women face on a camping trip.

-Sanitation: The horror of improper sanitation, not having access to basic necessities and unhygienic lavatories pose a humungous problem for women.

-Defective Equipments: Faulty enveloped outdoor tents, leak in a brand new tent, pitching in a waterlogged ground, uncomfortable sleeping conditions are some complications that can make a woman feel highly dejected. Such an issue often leaves them in a dilemma of whether they would ever come back for more.

-Safety: While some of them are unable to go for camping alone, due to safety issues, others always feel anxious with a male guide or camper around. Despite taking precautions, some women feel vulnerable in the presence of an unknown man, owing to which they choose to not give camping a shot.

Deyor Camps are committed to changing travel habits; they have broken this curse by letting women campers spread their wings into the crazy world of camping. They are working towards making the activity, a more female-friendly one.

-The problem of sanitation has been solved by approaching camp sites that propagate clean camping process that encompasses everything from personal hygiene to water purification systems and even human waste disposal management. All camping sites listed with them are exhaustively reviewed for the same before making any suggestion.

-Thorough preparation is vital before planning an outdoor adventure. Necessary supplies and the right basic camping gear, correct weather information can make a huge difference in creating a memorable experience for one.

Deyor Camps ensure that every trip is made close to perfect by providing you the right equipments after having been closely looked into. Tips and tricks to manage harsh or different weather conditions are often shared to make your adventure worthwhile.

-Women campers can now enjoy an added advantage of security by choosing an expert female guide to accompany them on treks.

-Another interesting feature that adds onto the advantage of Deyor Camps is their collaboration with Pee Safe.

PeeSafe is a very handy & compact toilet seat sanitizer that can be used almost anywhere, be it any public washroom or at home. It provides a hygienically safe experience anytime anywhere with its easy and hassle free usability.

-With their smooth availability on a B2B, B2C platform, one can get access to over 600 accommodations, 1000 unique adventure activity vendors, and close to 250 exciting and thrilling activities to choose from.

-Activities are also graded from medium to high with options like scuba diving, Paragliding and many more to enchant you.

Deyor Camps make sure that with a little preparation, you can rediscover your joy for camping. (ANI)