Girl Students thrashed by UP police for protesting

A video has left many reeling from the shock which is being widely shared on social media which shows two women students and a male student protesting in front of Amit Shah’s convoy was beaten up by police.

In a video, it is clearly seen that the two female students of Allahabad University being dragged, one of them grabbed by her hair and beaten by a male police for waving black flags at the convoy of BJP president Amit Shah.

A policeman can be seen hitting one of the women students with his baton on her leg while another police officer grabs her by her hair and shoves her towards the vehicle.

In a video shot from another angle, a senior police officer can be then seen rushing in to intervene and shouting, “no beating”.

The 25-year-old Neha Yadav, 24-year-old Rama Yadav and Kishan Maurya will be produced before the court today. Neha Yahav is a pursuing her PhD and Rama Yadav is doing her postgraduate studies at Allahabad University.

After this incident, the Samajwadi Party leader Richa Singh said, “Students were trying to show black flags in a peaceful manner but they were brutally assaulted and abused and there was no lady police. The law was violated. Male officers misbehaved and assaulted ladies”