Girl murders parents over property dispute, held

New Delhi: Delhi Police have arrested a girl and her boyfriend for allegedly conspiring and killing her parents in Paschim Vihar area over a property-related dispute.

The accused – identified as Sonia and Prince- allegedly killed Gurmeet Singh and his wife Jaagir Kaur after they denied to register a property in the couple’s name.

The matter came to light when Jaagir’s body was found in a suitcase on a train near Nangloi on March 8. After the body was recovered, police searched the house of the deceased where they found that Gurmeet was missing. However, his body was found on another train two days later.

During interrogation, Sonia initially denied the charges, but later admitted to having killed her parents for their property.

Sonia informed the police that she killed her father on February 21 and mother on March 2 by giving them poison. With the help of her boyfriend and his two friends, Sonia said she packed the bodies of her parents in suitcases and threw them in a train.

Prince’s two friends are absconding.