Girl kidnaps man, while he gets married to another girl

Hamirput: Ashok Yadav was abducted from his wedding mandap in Maudaha, Hamirpur on Monday. Just before he could do the 7 phere ritual, a woman along with nine armed men reached the entrance of the venue in an SUV. injuring on his head, the woman took away the groom in front of all the guests.

24-year old’s parents lodged a formal complaint with the Maudaha police after their son was dramatically stolen. The woman with the revolver was identified as Bharti Yadav, who was in a relationship with Ashok. She could not accept him marrying another girl, reported ht.

The resident of Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh, Bharti and Ashok are being hunted. Ashok’s father, Ramhet, told the police that he had fixed his marriage with the daughter of Laloo Yadav – a resident of Bhavani village near Maudaha last month, and Bharti was Ashok’s colleague at a government hospital in Banda.

Even as she held Ashok at gunpoint at the wedding mandap, Bharti reportedly informed the wedding guests that they had been together for the last 10 months, and he went to marry another girl.

Agitated Bharti, injured Ashok on his head as per the witnesses at the venue. Police had been searching for the vehicle since then, as bride’s family had called the police just after they had taken Ashok.