Girl forced to eat cow dung as ‘a remedy to black magic’

Mumbai: An 18-year-old girl, the native of Latur district of Maharashtra was forced to eat cow dung by a `Mantrik’ as a remedy for her abdomen related sickness. The shocking incident could be highlighted after a video went viral on a messaging app.

A case is filed against six people including the girl’s father and the `Mantrik’ (quack) at Chakur police station in Latur district. Vikas Naik, deputy superintendent of police, Chakur, told that an elderly woman is also an accused in the case, reports NDTV.

The Police has arrested Prabhakar Kesale (35), Gangadhar Shewale (65), Pandit Kore (37) and Dagadu Shewale (40) today. Whereas, a hunt has been launched to grab the Mantrik by a team in Bidar District of Karnataka.

DSP Naik told that the girl, a first year BA student, suffered from perennial stomach ache.
Family members thought that she is being possessed, and took her to a quack in Bidar district on June 4. Another woman from the same village, who suffered from epilepsy, accompanied her. After reaching there both of them were beaten up mercilessly and were forced to eat cow dung as a treatment.

The action was taken by Police after they received a forwarded video on their phones, filmed by one of the accused.

A case under the Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and other Inhuman Evils and Aghori Practice and Black Magic Act has been registered by the Latur Police.