Girl denied permission to board Delhi Metro for she was wearing Hijab

New Delhi: Muslim girl was denied entry into the Delhi Metro who was wearing Hijab, for ‘security reasons’, recently because apparently, her religious beliefs were a threat to other people in the city

On the 6th of May, Humera Khan, a student in Delhi who regularly wears the Hijab,was stopped at the security check at Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Metro Station and what followed shows the real face of ‘religious tolerance’ in our country

Humera said she was asked to remove her Hijab during the security check. After she had complied with the instructions, she decided to put her Hijab back on, when the security lady told her “Iske sath aap board nahi kar sakte madam”.

“I asked her (Security lady) to call a senior person to whom I can talk. A man who looked much authoritative came, I said,” Sir you can check my student id, here is my address I have been travelling in metro from past 2 years and I was never stopped at any station. Just tell me the reason and I would not bother you much.” That person in a very harsh tone asked me to either leave or remove the hijab without giving any reason. I was left with no option except to leave, which I did,”

“If there exist such rule I condemn it. I have filed a complaint to DMRC. Let them revert back, let them intervene until then I would request you all to maintain peace,”Humera added that she had filed a complaint with Delhi Metro.

This should not be taken lightly. Here’s hoping DMRC issues an apology to her and makes sure nobody else goes through the same humiliation ever again for their religious beliefs.

She added, “Hijab” is a religious sentiment for a Muslim girl. If there is any ruling then why they did not consider Muslim women while making such rule. If they start making such provisions then girls like me would not have accessibility to such services. Metro is a public transport made for every citizen. If they have any security issue they should upgrade their security measures instead of making such rules. Besides, they made me remove my Hijab first, checked me thoroughly and then also didn’t let me in which was just so unacceptable.”