Girl in coma wakes up hearing mom sing

A seven-year-old British girl who went into a coma for a week after being struck by an extremely rare brain haemorrhage, woke up after her mother started singing one of her favourite songs by Adele.

Charlotte Neve of Trawden, Lancashire, suffered extensive brain damage and was left unable to speak or see.

After two surgeries to stop bleeding in her brain, she went into coma, and doctors told her mother Leila that she may not survive, The Sun reported.

But when the 31-year-old Leila went to the hospital room, Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” song came on the radio, a song the mother-daughter pair used to sing together.

Leila started singing it to her daughter, and Charlotte began to smile, leaving doctors astounded.

Within two months, she astonished doctors yet again, by learning to walk and talk and regaining partial sight.

Charlotte suffered the haemorrhage in her sleep in April, following a normal night watching DVDs with her mother and sister.

Doctors found she had a massive 12.1 mm aneurism on the main artery on the back of her brain.

Doctors performed two operations, but the girl suffered a series of strokes.

She has now gone back to school for one hour a day, has her speech therapy, and is also attending dance classes where she does street, ballet and tap dancing. (IANS)