Giant crocodile strolls through Karnataka village

Uttara Kannada (Karnataka):┬áKarnataka’s Kolage had a unique but unexpected visitor – a giant crocodile, who strolled through the village before heading back to its usual habitat, as per a video clip which went viral on various social media platforms on Thursday.

After a while, the crocodile vanished back into the river again. However, this incident has left residents in shock and fear.

According to a forest official, due to copious rains in Western Ghat region, rivers are flowing with its brim, including Kali river, one of the biggest rivers in Karnataka, and home to a large number of crocodiles, many of which are found near the temple at the tourist spot of Dandeli in Uttara Kannada district.

Kolage is situated on the banks of river Kali but this was the first time that a crocodile was sighted in this village.

The sanctuary in Dandeli, where dense deciduous trees are interspersed with bamboo and teak plantations, is rich in flora and fauna. Crocodiles are a major wildlife attraction in this sanctuary, which offers both bird watching and crocodile spotting.