Giant boozer banned from UK’s smallest pub

A giant British boozer was banned from UK’s smallest pub — because he takes up too much room.

Adam Thurkettle, 6ft 7in tall, enjoys a pint in his titchy local — the 15ft by 7ft The Nutshell.

The Nutshell is listed by Guinness World Records as the smallest in Britain — and when 23-year-old Adam squeezes in
there’s no space for other customers.

Now owner Jack Burton has banned “gentle giant” Adam at peak times, British tabloid ‘The Sun’ reported.

Burton said: “Adam’s a real gentle giant. But on a busy night he takes up such a lot of space that I have to turn away at least four normal-sized drinkers.”

Adam, who has to duck to get through the door in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, said: “I love The Nutshell and the regulars are a great bunch — but not many can get in after I arrive.”

“My size is a great advantage when moving tree trunks but can be a handicap when I prop up the bar.”