GHMC urges citizens to take part in “Plogging with Jogging” & pick up waste on roads

Introducing an innovative method to remove waste on the roads, the GHMC has appealed to all the citizens to join hands with GHMC “Plogging with Jogging” every day to make the city clean, green and healthy with pollution-free environment.

The GHMC Commissioner has directed all the Deputy Commissioners, AMOHS, Sanitation Wing to coordinate with their respective colony welfare associations, morning walkers associations to take up the activity in the twin cities. The concept of the program was to involve the citizens, who are taking part in Jogging, walking and so on in the early hours to hold a plastic trash bag to collect the garbage waste which was being thrown and scattered on main roads and other places while Jagging/walking in the early hours.

Plogging is a Swedish fitness trend that combines running with picking up litter. This would encourage people to pick up litter while on running, walking and so on. Plogging combines going for a run to collect rubbish, garbage waste scattered on roads and parks. According to one of the surveys, one walker will burn 288 calories in 30 minutes and all the need is running with a bag to collect trash garbage waste. It will not only improve health but also cleaning part of the community too.

As a part of the Plogging-cum-Jogging program, the GHMC has launched the program at Samalakunta KLN Park at Sanathnagar and at Langarhouse main road with the help of morning walkers where N. Ravi Kiran, AC(H&S), Bhargav Narayan, Aizaz Khasim, medical officers and senior officials of the GHMC have taken part in the program. (NSS)