GHMC undertakes Kali Kaman renovation work at fast pace

Hyderabad: The repairing and renovation work of Kali Kaman is being carried out at a fast pace by GHMC in cooperation with the State Department of Heritage.  The repairing work was delayed due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

The repairing and renovation project of four arches known as Char Kamans was started four years ago.  The repairing work of Machli Kaman and Charminar Kaman has already been completed, as reported by a senior GHMC (project) official.

“Scaffoldings were erected during the last fortnight at Kali Kaman.  Cracks will be filled with a special mortar.  The repairing and painting work will commence after cleaning the structure.  The cost of this project is Rs.1.48 cr,” the official said.

One year after the completion of Charminar, at about 75m feet to its north, four lofty arches known as Charkaman were built in 1592. The names of the four arches are Charminar Kaman, Machli Kaman, KaliKaman and Sher-e-Batil-Ki-Kaman.

These four Kamans at a height of 75 meters were built during the reign of Sultan Mohammed Quli at an equidistance from Gulzar Houz.

A new look has been given to Gulzar Houz.   The GHMC in cooperation with a private organization undertook its cleaning and made lighting arrangements.  Its fountain has been repaired.