GHMC to set up 253 new traffic signals by the end of December

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has planned to set up new signals at various traffic terminals to control traffic congestion and prevent accidents, by the end of December.

The city-wide Unified Traffic Signals Control (ATSC) system will be set up by the pelican (pedestrian) system. Signal management like designing, supply, test, operation, maintenance, and install surveys are being undertaken by a private agency.

According to the press note by the GHMC, “There are 221 signals in the city and another 155 new signals will be set up by the ATSC system and another 98 will be set up by the pelican system. The set signals that will record traffic details, are connected to the command control,”

The GHMC will work on poll marking recommendations of the police to establish a signal at each standing. The old and new setups will fully be maintained by private agencies, for three years, works for which have been estimated to be completed by the end of December.