GHMC to pay full salary to sanitation workers hit by COVID-19

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) on Sunday announced that it will pay salaries in full to the sanitation workers infected with COVID-19 under home isolation, recognizing their services as front-line workers during pandemic.

Besides providing them with full salary, the civic body will also cover all their medical expenses.

GHMC said that the workers who tested positive for COVID-19 should save the message sent to their mobile phone or the details displayed in the government portal as proof. The sanitation workers should submit the proof to their sanitary field assistant and the entomology staffers should submit the proof to their entomology field assistant to make sure there are no salary deductions.

The ordeal to submit proofs is to ensure that the benefits reach only those who are affected by COVID-19. Each day, over 1500 workers in the civic body absent themselves for various reasons.

Since last year, GHMC has prioritized the health of sanitation workers who have been working nonstop to control the virus from spreading out.