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GHMC tickets on auction?

GHMC tickets on auction?

Huge crowd of candidates is witnessed at the offices of key political parties to get ticket for contesting the upcoming GHMC elections. Now that the election notification is likely to be issued within next two days, the aspirants of the ticket are approaching the leadership of their favourite political party. On one side they are trying to show their public support and strength by reaching along with their supporters and on the other hand they are offering lakhs of rupees for party fund. Hoardings and posters are being erected to show off their wealth and their support to the party to ensure ticket.

According to sources Rs. 50 lakh to 1 crore were offered for the ticket excluding the election expenditure which is ensured to the tune of Rs. 20 to 25 lakh. This has disappointed the real activists and leaders.

TRS is said to be having the largest number of bidders, while Congress, TDP and local political party is also not behind in the race. An aspirant has revealed that the local political party has virtually finalised a list of its candidates by accepting whopping amount secretly and this time real activists will be at loss.

Meanwhile, citizens feel apprehensive that if this is the rate at which the tickets are being sold, then once they are elected, all they would focus on is how to get back their money.