GHMC takes stern action against buildings carrying out business activities

Hyderabad: GHMC has decided to take serious action against the residential building owners who are using their buildings for business purposes without obtaining commercial license. This drive is meant to persuade businessmen to obtain commercial licenses.

GHMC officials have identified more than 1 lakh buildings where commercial activities are being carried out without commercial licenses. According to a plan, GHMC would persuade such businessman to obtain commercial licenses. If they do not do so, action would be taken to seal their shops. GHMC proposes to enhance its income by collecting commercial taxes from such buildings. It is proposed to levy 100% fine and they would be issued commercial licenses.

For this purpose would issues notices to building owners where such commercial activities are carried out. Notices will also be issues to the businessmen. They would be instructed to pay 100% fine. GHMC has already prepared and action plan for scrutinizing trade licenses.

–Siasat News