GHMC speeded up work on nalas’ expansion

The GHMC has intensified expansion work of nalas under its limits. The corporation has identified 1,001 structures, which are main hurdles in expansion of nalas affecting flow of rain water. Of these, the authorities have collected information of 600 structures so far and finalized value of 450 structures in the city.

The State government has issued an order recently authorizing the GHMC to spend Rs 230 crore for expension works of nalas, official sources said. The GHMC Commissioner directed the officials to complete tender works for taking up expansion works of nalas. In a survey, 12,432 structures have been identified that are causing problems along 390km long nalas within the Greater Hyderabad city. In the first phase, the government has decided to take up  demolition of 1001 structures for expansion. (NSS)