GHMC: Record in tax collection, but no money to pay employees’ salaries

Hyderabad: It is nothing less than an irony of sort that on one hand the GHMC is making new records of tax collection and on the other hand it has no money to pay it’s own employees’ salaries.

According to the GHMC officials, there is no sufficient funds in the Corporation’s account to pay the September’s salary of its employees.

The GHMC officials and the corporators are well aware of the critical financial situation of the Corporation. But a look at the priorities of the officials will indicate that these officials and Corporators neither have any concern for the public welfare nor they are aware of of the hard times the people are passing through.

A plan has been approved to spend Rs. 20 lakh for the renovation of Deputy Mayor’s chamber and the work has been started.

Some of the the GHMC officials said that there was nothing wrong with the Deputy mayor’s office but in the name of “Vastu” changes were demanded in the office setup which were approved. The amount being spent on renovation could have provided homes for three poor families in the City.

The GHMC officials are planning to take loan from the Government and the neighbouring municipalities to pay salaries of employees and contractors’ payment for the month of September.

Apart from the tax collection in its limits, the GHMC also have other sources of incomes particularly trade licence fee, advertising lease income as well as the penalties collected from the violators of the GHMC laws.