GHMC pulls down five-storey bldg at Madhapur

The GHMC was destroyed five-storied illegal constructions using state-of-the-art technology ‘Implosion’ at Madhapur Sunnam Cheruvu here on Monday.

The GHMC officials destroyed the building constructed without any permission in buffer zone in Sunnam Cheruvu in Guttala Begumpet area within seconds using Implosion technology. The GHMC adopted new technology as the Hyderabad was transforming as global city putting full stop to the traditional methods of destruction.

As part of implosion technology, the GHMC officials kept explosives in every floor and connected them with special wires and exploded using remote. The first and second floors were destroyed as the blasts took place in those floors but the third, fourth and fifth floors were not destroyed as the blasts were not taken place in time.

GHMC Mayor Bonthu Rammohan, Deputy Mayor Baba Faciuddin, Chief City Planner Devender Reddy, Irrigation Department SE Shekar Reddy, ZOnal Commissioner Gangadhar Reddy examined the implosion system personally. (NSS)