GHMC to produce manure & leach Chet from animal waste

Hyderabad: Around 100 metric tons of animal waste is generated daily in slaughterhouses in the GHMC limits, and these animal waste would be converted into manure by installing compost units in each modern slaughterhouses said the Commissioner GHMC Dana Kishore on Friday.

Commissioner along with Additional Commissioner Shruthi Oja, solid waste management conducted a meeting with the team of officials from Baba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) institute on implementation and utilization of latest technology to produce manure from animal waste and power.

Currently, GHMC is maintaining slaughterhouses at Ramnaspur, Amberpet, Jiyaguda, New Boiguda areas.

The BAARC officials submitted proposals to GHMC on the installation of these plants at minimum cost.

As the GHMC collecting waste from Chicken & Fist stall centres, the Commissioner instructed the solid waste management officials to study the feasibility of having compost units at 17 transfer stations of GHMC.

On the lines, as per the Solid waste management norms 2016 of “Reduce, Reuse and Re-cycle” GHMC is implementing and taking steps to establish the compost units.

In the coming 2 years, GHMC is planning and taking steps to restrict the transportation of waste to 2000 metric tons at Jawhar Nagar Dumping Yard.       

Those who are producing more than 25 kgs of garbage daily are treated as bulk garbage producers and they have to shift the garbage on own.

On the 339 acres of Jawhar Nagar dumping yard, the wastewater coming out from dumping yard, there is a proposal to treat this water by reverse osmosis (RO) system with cost of 11 crores, having with good quality lachhet high-quality manure can be produced and the commissioner instructed the officials to study and the project report.

The Commissioner said he and the officials would visit and study the projects implemented by BAARC in and around Mumbai.