GHMC Plans Massive Plantation Program This Year

The GHMC has taken up 2.20 lakhs plantation during the last year Harithaharam programme out of which 90 per cent  survival rate of the plants have been observed. 2.20 lakhs planted, out of which 1,86,370 plants have  survived  and due to various reasons 24 thousand could not survive in spite of several measures  taken up.

After the rains have  started recently on the onset of monsoon,  Dr.B. Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner, GHMC has given directions to the officials of Biodiversity wing to plant the remaining 10 per cent saplings  again  and  the officials have taken up the plantation programme. As seen from the past records,  the survival rate is not more than  40 per cent,  but due to the clear directions of Minister for MA&UD,   and the Mayor,  the GHMC has taken up various measures to protect the plants for survival providing sufficient water and duly constructing the compound walls,  involving various NGOs for the purpose.

The GHMC has also planned  Re-visit day on every Friday duly fixing up the responsibility to the NGOS etc., and also providing tree guards from the corporate companies as Corporate Social Responsibility. Again the GHMC has taken up plantation of 24,000 saplings  at the same places where they did  not survive earlier as per the directions of the Mayor.

The GHMC, for this year Harithaharam,  has planned to take up massive plantation programme involving various corporate companies  to take up the plantation as par of the  Corporate Social Responsibility, a GHMC press note said.(NSS)