GHMC planning to enhance Property Tax

Hyderabad: It is learnt from reliable sources that GHMC officials have sent proposals to the Govt. to assess Property Tax on the basis of rents of the buildings. GHMC is also considering to introduce slap system.

Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner of GHMC told that there is a provision for the enhancement of property tax every five years. He pointed out that since 1999-2000, property tax has not been enhanced. It is therefore planned to enhance property tax to generate more income for GHMC. He further told that in order to meet the increasing demands of the citizens, it is essential to enhance the income of GHMC.

GHMC proposes to conduct a survey about the status of properties. This exercise would be completed in 6 months after which, final decision to enhance property tax would be taken. GHMC proposes to enhance property tax for various categories which include Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Open lands. This enhancement is effective from 1st April 2017. The survey would review 4.5 lakh properties within GHMC limit in order to assess property tax. This enhancement is being done in order to remove the difference between income and expenditure of GHMC.

It may be mentioned that last year GHMC recorded an income of Rs. 2500 crore whereas its expenditure Rs. 3072.25 crore, in this manner, it presented a deficit budget of Rs. 571.68 crore. GHMC has so far paid its share for the implementation of double bedroom scheme. It has also given Rs. 198 crore to RTC to reduce its deficit. GHMC has to pay 15% of its income to Hyderabad Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board. State Govt. has to pay Rs. 400 crore of Central Grant.

–Siasat News