GHMC to penalise those who urinate in public

HYDERABAD: The make Hyderabad cleaner city the GHMC Commissioner M Dana Kishore directed the Zonal Commissioners, DMCs and Engineering officials to ensure that people found urinating or dumping construction and debris waste on roads are fined.

The Commissioner took a review meeting with the officials at the Corporation’s head office and ordered them to take all steps necessary to ensure Hyderabad is ‘neat and clean’.

According to the New Indian Express, an Enforcement and Vigilance wind has been deployed for action against people throwing garbage waste into nalas and on main roads.

The Commissioner further asserted that ‘Swachh Autos’, which collects garbage from houses, would be connected using GPS for clear transparency.

Businesses and Hotels which causes more than 100 kg garbage will have to have their own compost pits. Each shop owner must provide two dustbins in front of their shops for easy transportation of garbage waste to transfer stations.

Earlier in 2017 in a bid to prevent public from urinating in the open, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has pulled campaign called ‘Laathi seeti’ campaign, which translates to stick and whistle, arms several GHMC sanitation workers with the two objects, so that they can stop people from urinating in the open.