GHMC organized workshop to make Hyderabad the Best City

The GHMC has organized a unique workshop on the secrets of an outstanding professional  committed to make Hyderabad the Best City to live for 2 days programme on May 19 , 20 to the Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, Assistant City Planners, Section Officers  of the GHMC and innovative program which is very effective held at MCHRD today where Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner, GHMC has personally participated in the workshop and said that every official must have specialized skills to perform their duties with full responsibility and to inspire to work to this effect the workshop has been organized.

Every official must work with team spirit for image building and involve whole heartedly to solve the grievances of the public with utmost care as the GHMC is a mini state where there are several wings which have to work together  to serve the citizens for solving all civic issues in a more appropriate way. The Commissioner said that motivation, persuasion are very much needed for better administrator.

Shekar Agarwal, Felicitator from Success India Limited an eminent professional person has interacted with all the officials motivated with his administration skills and  congratulated for their tremendous service day and night serving the city with more responsibility facing lot of problems to solve the day to day activities for which he has given suggestion to do the best to the organization and to contribute maximum service to the society with every moment effectively with good state of mind using various communication skill working with more creativity.

Shekar Agarwal has given power point presentation duly explaining the developmental skills to the officials and also made them to meditate and also taken up quiz program as a part of workshop.

Around 100 and odd senior officials have participated in the workshop. (NSS)