GHMC to observe austerity measures

The GHMC has taken austerity measures to increase its revenue by curtailing its expenditure by initiating some avoidable steps.

One of the measures is not to switch on air-conditioners till end of February 2017. GHMC Commissioner Dr B Janardhan Reddy  today issued orders asking his subordinates in central, zonal and circle offices to ensure minimum usage of electricity by not switching on Air Conditioners (ACs) till end of February next year in view of present atmosphere. “We can save Rs 15 lakh monthly by taking some measures,” he said, adding that there are 137 ACs in the central office and each AC consumes three units for an hour.

“The GHMC was paying over Rs 3,75,900 electricity charges monthly for ACs. But with the new initiative, we can save this amount monthly. If the zonal and circle offices take these measures, the GHMC can save Rs 15 lakh monthly for three months”, he added. (NSS)