GHMC Mayor spends more than Re. 1 lakh on hospitality, commissioner raises objection

Hyderabad: It was reported that the hospitality bill of GHMC Mayor, Mr. B. Ram Mohan is exceeding Re. 1 lakh. In view of this, Commissioner of GHMC, Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy withheld these bills for the past three months.

Mayor is authorized to spend Rs. 80, 000 and Dy. Mayor to the extent of Rs. 20, 000 per month.

The commissioner has asked the staff to review these bills. It is reported that in the first month Rs. 23000, in the second month Rs. 19000 and in the third Rs. 17000 have been spent more than the allocated amount.

An official of GHMC told that hundreds of TRS workers call on the Mayor and many other persons also meet him every day. In addition to it, Mayor convenes the meeting of GHMC officials quite often. On these occasions, tea, biscuits, snacks and lunches are served.

Every week, meetings of the Standing Committee are also held. In all these meeting, hospitality charges are borne by the office of the Mayor.

—Siasat News