GHMC launches LED bulbs distribution in city

Mayor Dr Bonthu Rammohan today said the GHMC was the only Corporation in the country, which has taken up innovative scheme to make available LED bulbs to each and every household through Self-Help Groups duly fixing the target of one crore bulbs to provide 25 lakh households in GHMC limits thereby saving energy consumption and power charges to the tune of Rs 500 crores saving and 130 crore units of less power consumption.

He further said that 10,000 tons of CO2 carbondiaxide will be reduced per year and the SHG women will earn Rs. 10 crores by selling one crore bulbs with this innovative project. The Mayor said women in the city were having a separate identity for their role where the women in the GHMC limits are playing a very vital role in various activities in GHMC like Swachh Bharath Mission by getting first rank in the Swachh Bharath Mission ranking and also in various activities deriving very good results keeping in view of the importance of the women the GHMC has taken up an innovative scheme of providing LED bulbs, tube lights, fans etc., at the doorstep of the households, the only Municipal Corporation in the Country which has taken up this innovative scheme as a pilot project in East Zone basing on the results this scheme will be implemented in all the zones, said the Mayor.

The Mayor has inaugurated an innovative scheme of using LED bulbs and sales by Self Help Groups women duly in coordination with ESSL, Govt., of India Organization at the GHMC Head Office today. The GHMC is having nearly 25 lakh households and the target of one crore bulbs to be provided to the households. The main aim of the project is to at least provide 4 LED bulbs, tube lights, five star rated fans with subsidy rates duly involving with Self Help Groups women for the purpose with this LED lights nearly 50% of the power bills can be reduced with more effective brighter lighting system. The GHMC and EESL has already started duly opening counters in all the circle Offices and Head Office 2 months ago with subsidy rates deriving very good response from the citizens.

The present sale in Circles and Head Office an estimated only 4.20 lakhs LED are being utilized. For better strengthening the project the GHMC is planning to involve listed 4.5 lakh Self Help Groups women for the purpose with which a single SHG women will be benefited Rs. 10/- for LED light, Rs. 12/- for tube lights and Rs. 102/- for fans with this innovative project as commission to them. The Mayor appealed all the Self Help Groups Women to take up the responsibility and to see that the target fixed for providing LEDs to the households to ensure 100% results for the above said project.


Deputy Mayor Baba Fasiuddin said the Self Help Groups Women are participating and also coordinating with the GHMC in various developmental activities as such the Self Help Groups have must come forward to make this program a grand success to make the Hyderabad a brighter city with LEDs in the coming days.


GHMC Commissioner Dr B. Janardhan Reddy, while addressing the gathering said the women in the GHMC are taking part in most of the programs as no other State where women are not being made responsibility for overall development of the city. The Commissioner said Self Help Groups Women secured loans to the tune of Rs. 248 crore during 2015-16 year and Rs 281 crore during 2016-17 year by creating a great belief to the bankers by repaying of loans which were taken earlier basing on that effective working the GHMC has thought of involving Self Help Groups which are about 43,453 groups with 4.5 lakh women can make this programme a grand success duly providing the bulbs etc., to the each households in a very appropriate manner as they are already interacting with the households in various issues like segregation and other activities of the GHMC.


Bhaskara Chary, Additional Commissioner (UCD) has explained the role of the Self Help Groups Women and also informed that there are 21 town level federations formed and around 878 slum level federations with the help of this federations the above said project will definitely reach the targets for providing LEDs for better lighting in the GHMC limits.


Srinivasa Chary, EE (Electrical) has proposed vote of thanks Sri Gangadhar Reddy, Zonal Commissioner (East Zone), senior officials of UCD wing, representatives and heads of the departments EESL organization have also participated in the program. (NSS)