GHMC finds only few Haleem outlets serving stamped meat

Hyderabad: The hustling during Ramadan with many fruits vendors and shops and joints selling a variety of tasty food yet another delicacy seen almost everywhere, all over the city is much favourite Haleem.

From bigger hotels to small outlets, Haleem is served in the best way possible to its customers who wants to savour the delicacy but how well do you know how safe is the meat used in it. Believe the sources, it is now learned most of these outlets serve unstamped meat.

According to the civic body survey, there are total 741 Haleem outlets which have been found to use stamped meat.

But reading that number 741 is something not convincing with the number of outlets anybody would come across during Ramadan for sure.

Now according to top sources in the GHMC what comes as a surprising truth is that this civic body’ s health and sanitation giving false reports during Ramadan.

Sources revealed that the ground level staff of this civic body has neither conducted any inspections to check the standard of meat whether it is stamped or not nor has inspected the hygiene of these Haleem outlets.
The negligence of health and sanitation wing has been posing grave threat citizens, according to these sources.

Chief Veterinary Officer P Venkateswar Reddy told Hans India that the nearly 700 cattle have been slaughtered in the civic body slaughter houses which exclude fish and chicken from the list, and recorded 90% are goat and sheep and as less 10% is beef.

It is also learned from Venkateshwar Reddy that GHMC food inspectors and the assistant medical officer for health (AMoHs) are regularly inspecting the meat quality in these Haleem outlets.

On being asked about the uncertainty of stamped meat being served in these outlets Venkateshwar replied so far no cases have been booked for serving unregistered unstamped meat as all these 741 outlets have been scrutinized by the civic body.

What is surprising is the fact that the number of these outlets serving Haleem is much more in comparison to the of recorded cattle slaughtered. So the question lies from where is the rest of the meat being supplied to these Haleem outlets, reported Hans India.