GHMC Elections: Over 74 lakh to cast vote tomorrow

Hyderabad: As many as 74,67,256 Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) residents to cast their vote on Tuesday (December 1).  The intense campaign for the GHMC elections, which came to a clamorous end on Sunday, saw all the political parties throwing in whatever was left in them after a hectic couple of weeks.

For about 150 wards the GHMC has made arrangements for about 9,1010 polling stations in which 1,122 candidates are contesting the elections.

In the GHMC elections on Tuesday to commence between 7 am and conclude at 6 pm to have the total of 74,67,256 voters out of which 38,89,637 are men and about 35,76,941 are women. While the others are 678.

Sixty flying squads two each for a GHMC circle and 30 statistic surveillance teams, one each for a GHMC circle was constituted for smooth conduct of the elections. The GHMC is deploying 36,404 personnel for the polling duty duly keeping sufficient reserve.

According to a press release here, all the electors, who have been issued Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC), should have to produce it to exercise their franchise when they arrive at the polling station for voting.

Those, who are unable to produce their EPICs, will have to produce any one of the 18 alternative photo identity card documents to establish their identity. Photo voter slips will not be considered as an alternate identification document.

The voters are mandatorily asked to wear a mask and would not be allowed into the polling station without it. Voter slips were distributed to all the electors by the booth-level officers (BLOs).

Furthermore, the elector who has not received their voter slips can download through GHMC app/ Amid the pandemic mandatory sanitisation is being done at every polling station one day before and also on the day of the polling. A sanitizer is being provided at the entry and exit point of every polling station.

When needed, voters are required to lower face mask for identification. At any given time, only one voter would be allowed to stand in front of each polling official maintaining social distance.