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GHMC elections: Dissidents’ activities at peak

GHMC elections: Dissidents’ activities at peak

Hyderabad: Election notification for GHMC may be issued anytime from now. All the political parties have practically started election campaigns. According to the orders of the High Court, the entire election process has to be completed by the end of this month. It is therefore expected that the polling date may be fixed in the fourth week of this month.

Ruling TRS party and important opposition, Congress have concentrated on the Assembly constituencies of the Old City. TDP and BJP coalition has also conducted a meeting at the local level to organize their cadre.

It may be noted that after the formation of separate Telangana State, GHMC elections are being held for the first time. Ruling TRS party has dumped all its forces in order to grab GHMC. Party is confident that its 18 month progress would get it success. Congress, TDP and BJP are concentrating in the Old City in addition to the Assembly constituencies of the New City.

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Political Analysts opined that GHMC election would yield interesting result. It is for the first time the local political party is facing dissident activities for which Congress and TDP are trying to take advantage. Due to the secret internal compromise with the ruling party, the local political party is getting ready to make certain changes in the selection of candidates.

It is reported that 30-40% old corporators would be deprived of the party tickets in the GHMC elections. The party leadership has clearly given indication in this regard. The local leaders have also been given hints to start preparation for elections. In this context, dissident activities and the revolts in the party are on the increase. The corporators who are apprehensive of getting deprived of party tickets are looking toward other political parties for their political survival. Looking at the interest of the local political party toward the ruling party these leaders are eyeing toward Congress and TDP. Many dissident leaders of the local political party are in contact with these two political organizations. They are waiting for the opportune time. Seeing the trends of the public in favour of opposition parties, Congress and TDP have decided to contest this election intensively. The way in which ruling TRS got inducted the public representatives of Congress and TDP through Operation Aakarshan, Congress and TDP have also finalized the strategy on par with Operation Aakarshan. It is expected that after the issue of election notification and at the time of filing of election nominations, many dissident leaders join the other parties. Congress party has decided to organize door-to-door campaign in which prominent party leaders would participate.

According to the reports, many former corporators are in contact with Congress TDP. They are putting the condition that they should not only be given party tickets but also the election expenses so that they could pose threat to the candidates of the local political party.

Due to the failure of providing basic amenities in the Old City, people are angry. It may be a positive point for the Congress and TDP to muster public support. In this situation, BJP has concentrated its attention on Hindu concentration areas so that it could get its candidates for those constituencies.

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